Chitralis demand accountability in Shandur festival fund utilisation

CHITRAL: Every year at the time of Shandur festival rumours sprout about foreign and local VVIPs expected visit of the festival and there are also rumours about the amount of funds allocated for the festival and it’s utilisation.
This year however because of the general awakening and awareness about misappropriation at higher levels, owing some bit to ex PM Imran Khan’s speeches and more to the potency and reach of the social media, the rumors about the amount and thereby the (mis)-utilisation of the Shandur festival funds have become very prominent.

In order to put rumors to rest, the government should issue details of this year’s allocated funds- to whom were they allocated and in what proportion and what was done with these funds. We have now entered an age of awareness and awakening. Past practices of keeping the people blind about expenditure of public money cannot work any much longer.

In order to clear the doubts and reservations from the minds of people, the government should issue a detailed statement of the allocation and utilisation of Shandur festival funds 2022. .. CN report, 04 July 2022

5 thoughts on “Chitralis demand accountability in Shandur festival fund utilisation

  1. On behalf of Chitral Tourism Association, we the entire tourism stakeholders are demanding a judicial inquiry into the affairs of Shandur event 2022, where the Shandur event Administration created serious problem and hurdles for the tour operators, hotel association and other stakeholders, rather than taking them into confidence and facilitating them in managing the event.
    The administration completely failed to manage the event, which is evident from the poor and restricted facilities for tourists. The tour operators were not allowed to established facilitation centres and tented villages for the tourists within the Chitral jurisdiction. The tour organizers were compelled to establish facilities with the GB administration jurisdiction. Hotels booked by administration remained empty due to poor administration. The hotel owners sustained huge losses during this peak season.
    KPCTA was found no where with no role except fire work or facilitating few journalists.
    The road at Harchin was blocked on 2nd July due to GLOF. Neither the public were informed nor any single effort was made to open it.. Thousands of tourists got stuck at Harchin for two days at the local resident’s cost. More gaps and laps could be identified if properly investigated. I am personally witness to the situation and ready to appear in front of any Commission.

    1. Shah sahib, you have well pointed out the flaws in the Shandur management, but you omitted the role and cost of security forces in the festival. Infact you did not mention the ‘Elephant in Shandur’. Without that your comment falls short.

  2. The DC upper Chitral badly failed in managing the event, and facilitating the tourists when the road in Laspur stream was blocked. He was busy facilitating his own family in Shandur without doing anything. We request the secretary KP to take action against him as he has badly failed in administration.

  3. Thank you for highlighting the biggest issue. As we all can see and the videos are circulating that it was an entertainment for the government officials. We the common people are paying their salaries, now we are paying for the entertainment of them, their families and friends also. What can be more unfortunate than this? A country over-indebted and going through its critical time, on the other hand the responsible officials are openly involved in corruption. Corruption is not only looting money, it is misusing their authority, their power and misusing the public resources.
    Ideally, the money should be spent for better organization, facilitation of tourists, improvement of communication and other infrastructure. The district administration was host, must not even have VIP treatment and the police and other forces must only facilitate in providing security if required. However, in this unfortunate country it is completely different, they have taken the better place to put their own tents. This place must be for tourists, hotel owners and tour operator because they are paying their salaries, but they put good facilities for themselves and their families and friends and occupied a better place on the stage to watch the match.
    The poor tour operators, hotel owners and local businessmen who are the backbone of economy have been treated like bought slaves.
    Everyone saw the situation of roads and tourist flow in Chitral. All hotels were empty, and if there were some booking the people struck in Laspur due to road blockage. It was a painful event for the entire Chitral. “Is this tourism development”?????? Will this country move forward???
    We strongly demand a transparent investigation. We all are witness that if someone is talking, they are being blackmailed and immature people or highly proud and irresponsible people are sitting in public offices, harassing the hotel owners, tour operators and local businessmen. What is the end of it???? Till what time we can pay for their salaries for doing nothing and for their luxuries.

  4. Yesterday we found a notice on DC Lower Chitral Facebook page where he posted PESCO add of punishing stealing the electricity charges. How much a poor can steal Rs. 2,000/- where millions have been looted in Shandur has no accountability.

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