Chitrali speaks at UN conference

Chitral .. Shah Zada Ibrahim belonging to Laspur village of upper Chitral spoke at the United Nations eighth session of Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG). According to a press release by him, he, as Ambassador of Civil Societies The United Nations Department of Economic & Social Council for Pakistan & CEO (NCCB) Pakistan?elaborated the importance and Respect of the Elderly people people mentioned in the holy Quran quoting various verses from the Holy book.

He said In Pakistan the?joint family system is breaking up rapidly and elderly population is facing loneliness and abandonment. There is no systematic or empirical study which would highlight the magnitude of abuse of elderly yet anecdotal evidence is replete with such examples. As human rights universal and older people? should enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others in society but unfortunately, particularly older women are discriminated (directly or indirectly), neglected, subjected and? abused? in various? ways? such as in collective decision making ,in age limit for employment, old age benefit, healthcare facilities, health insurance, financial services, government benefits, political? leadership, access to development programs, access to human rights, access to speedy justice, access to opportunities, ownership matters, harassment, prejudicial attitudes towards their? abilities , health, their voices are not heard by the younger accused, insulted, screamed, scolded, coerced, threatened, look down upon, humiliated physically, denial of autonomy, threatened with weapons to death, threatened with physical violence, threatened to deprive of their liberty.

Pakistan has an extremely poor track record when it comes to addressing issues associated with human rights of older persons. It ranks depressingly low in the Global Age Watch Index: at 92 out of 94 countries. Pakistan ranks particularly low with respect to health of older persons, with a relatively low life expectancy and even lower healthy life expectancy. It ranks low also with respect to satisfaction of older persons with social connectedness, civic freedom and public transport.

He made a fervent appeal to the UN agencies, other International organizations, government of Pakistan and philanthropist people? of the world to come forward to address? this issue with the? coordination of local civil societies at grassroots? level.?.. CN report, 14 Jul 2017


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  1. It seems that Shahzada Ibrahim represented excellently in UNO presenting very important issue of senior citizens in Chitral. I see that senior citizens in Chitral are no doubt being cared, respected and honored but at the same time also seems loosing respect in the near future. We should think and work for stronger joint family system as we had in the past and now. Media & institutions should play their role effectively.

  2. Mr ibrahim has indeed done a very goood job of representing the problems of the elderly in the chitraal region ,as a person of sensitive conscience he was sucessfully feel the de sensitising of society taking place in his region and bring this issue to the attention of the U N general assembly indeed a very fervent appeal to united nations assembly from a person who can see a problem that is bound to grow in our future generations as the respect for old values and wisdom is lost replaced by negative attitudes towards the elders in a more unitary society

  3. Thanks to Almighty Allah, we are enjoying the benefits of Islamic Society. The tradition of joint family system is very prevellant in our Islamic society and is very successful than other modern societies of the West. because by the grace of Almighty Allah we the Muslims, are aware of the sayings of the Holy Book “Quran” and the Holy Prophet as well. Our religious preachers, Ulama and scholars do their best to focus their attention on the rights and respect of the parents/seniors according to the spirit of Islamic teachings. Unfortunately, we are still falling behind at national level because we do not ponder on the orders of Holy Quran. We have even forgotten the lines of Hujjat-Ul-Wida of our Holy Prophet particularly in respect of the Holy Quran. The Hujjat-UlWida is really the Human Charter and provokes every Muslim to understand and follow it for a successful life.

  4. RESPECT OF THE ELDERLY people mentioned IN THE HOLY QURAN is as:-
    ??and don?t speak to them in a harsh manner?? (17:23)
    ??say to them beautiful, generous speech?? (17:23)
    ??give them optimistic phrases?? (17:28)
    ?And make du?aa for them, ?Oh Allah, have mercy on them as they raised me?? (17:24)
    ?Worship none but Allah, and show Ahsan to your parents….(2:83)

  5. Great efforts keep up the good work Shah sahib. Your presence at UN as smbassador of civil socities is very important for Pakistan in general and for Chitral in particular. We belief you will pitch other important issues of Chitral.

  6. Great Job Shahzada Ibrahim Proud of you Proud of Chitral Nation keep it up Great Effort For Presenting the Issues of Chitral in #UN

  7. Good Job Mr Shahzada Ibrahim, You are hidden Talent of Pakistan that should need to be highlighted. All the Best, Bless
    Ch Usman
    Chief Coordinator to Barrister ARK Qasuri (Ex-MNA)

  8. Great job Baba! you have raised good topic we should put ourselves in the shoes of an elderly person. When you know you are becoming fragile and your body is failing you, it?s difficult to cope with the uncertainty of the future?mentally and physically. Our elders may have many things on their mind but they may not be able to express them. Our responsibility comes in to give them the support they need to help them live the rest of their lives peacefully. No one wants their last days to be filled with regret and disappointment. So take charge of being that love and light, be with them in their last days.Humanity plays a crucial role in taking care of our elders. After all, we?re going to be elderly people some day too. The truth is we need our elders and we cannot live without them. There comes a day when they can?t live without us. They need our support just as much as they gave us theirs when we didn?t even ask for it. This brings out the humanity within us. This expression of humanity makes us human. When we act to care for our elders, our children will see that with respect and will act to care for us someday?at least we can hope they will.

  9. A topic of great importance has ben highlighted by sir Ibrahim, no doubtedly we r experiencing a big negligence of the elderly by the new generation which is obvious that being muslim we are unaware even of the saying of Allah. May Allah give us the strength to b the strength of our elders as they r ours and respect them. Ameen

  10. Proud of you sir to represent pakistan in the UN and highlighting such a sensitive issue of chitral. As our Chitrali culture is characterized by respect, love and tolerence but unfortunately the same culture is decaying becz of the attitude of the younger generation toward the elderly which is a negitive aspect of our society, this attitude is not only against the Charter of UN on Human Rights but also against the saying of The Holy Quran. Really in need of a solution to the problem.

  11. Excellent Job Shah Sb.There is nothing new for you as you have a family history of services to the humanity. Keep that up our prayers are with you.

  12. Great job
    Well said in this speech by blessings of ALLAH almighty we as a Muslim enjoy the joint family system and also give these relations in respectfull manners.

  13. Clearly the problems you have raised are very serious issues of the modern time especially in a developing country like Pakistan. Unfortunately because of mega corruption and illiteracy our elderly population are badly ignored and in addition had to face so many social and economical problems. Thank you Dada jee for raising this very serious issue in the united nation.

  14. You have raised the very serious issue at the very right place. Unfortunately no one has spoken about it before; nor anyone is working in that area. You’ve described it beautifully. This is the exact reflection of whatever is happening in our society. Now it’s the the time for the the international community and all the NGOs and civil societies to address this serious issue.
    Thank you for raising this very serious issue Shahzada Sahib!

  15. Sexual harassment is also one of the burning issue in our society, female professional like doctors, engineers, office worker are mercilessly pursued and harassed by the boss, colleagues , Employees and other male member of the family to obtain sexual favours. If the victims resists or outright refuses it means the end of the job. Incidents of harassment happen everyday in government and private offices ,school,factories etc. They are stalked ,teases,abused,assaulted and even raped. Please dear sir take some steps toward this issues And to urge US agencies and other international organization to come forward in order to maintain gender equality and eradicate exploitation and harassment.

  16. Appreciateable work done for Gilgit – Baltistan(Pakistan) by you..Some of the people have ability to promote themselves along with their Area..expecting more from you.
    Imran Bahadur
    Managing Director

  17. Mr.Ibrahim ; We all have to follow the footprint of our elders and respect them is our moral responsibility.I really respect and appreciate voluntary initiatives.

  18. Mr.Ibrahim it is the duty of the family to take care of its older person members while the State may design program of social security for them.Educational Institutions in Pakistan can play fundemental role in this regard.See you again in UN.

  19. We chitrali people thankful to you for raising this important issue in the international forum, unfortunately no one has been highlighted this important issue before; really in need of a solution to the problem.
    Keep that up our prayers are with you.

  20. Very appreciable, Peer SB. This is becoming more and more burning issue in our society where traditional social connectedness is breaking away to a more fast life style with discriminatory attitude towards our elderly.
    Thumps up!

  21. Thankyou for rising up this issue
    Dats the major problm now days we facing in pakistan and many othr countries might after this we can solve this issue

  22. Great effort Sir keep it up we are with you. This is the main issue of our society we are not respect our senior citizens.

  23. Thank you for raising this very serious issue Sir. In addition to whatever you have mentioned, the advent of technology and modernism lacking spiritual and ethical dimension has made it little more complicated for the older generation. They feel ignored. It’s time for the international human right organizations and NGOs to take the lead for solution.

  24. With reference to the subject matter , as mentioned by Shah zada Ibrahim in UN. There r many related issue which propose in this regard. The most important issue lacking in our society which I find are 1). Clinical & mental health care 2). Entertainment & Rehabilitation center for senior citizen. 3). Govt financial allowance for above 80 years old citizen 4). Legislation on old age/ Senior citizen right Ironically in our society very few case of physical violence & thread which been directly related to old age citizen r reported in police station. No law exist to punish for bullying or thread to old parents. Big thank shah zada Ibrahim SB for contribute to this important issue. Keep it up. God bless you

  25. Dear sir, you have raised a very important issue. We must ensure and value the skills and experience of the older people. I absolutely agree with major worries including social isolation and the inability to live independently within their own homes. something which we feel a basic right and something we must work tireslessly to advocate for.

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