Chitrali girl completes Graduation in US under Fulbright scholarship

CHITRAL: Safina Ahmad d/o Nizar Ahmad of Kargin upper Chitral has completed her graduation in ‘Public health communication and marketing’ from George Washington University. She was studying at the University under Fulbright scholarship.

One thought on “Chitrali girl completes Graduation in US under Fulbright scholarship

  1. It is very heartening to know that youth, specially female youth from the remote north is showing prowess in higher education. Point to notice is that almost all of these are from the Ismaili sect. The population ratio in both districts of Chitral combined is 65 percent Sunni and 35 percent Ismaili, but when higher education of international level is considered, majority is from the Ismaili sect. The reason is that the Imam of the Ismailis stresses on education, while Sunni religious leaders do not give education any importance, rather most of the time they are busy giving their followers ‘good news’ about getting their sins pardoned through tips and short cuts. It would only be healthy if Sunni male and female also progress in education like their Ismaili brethren and sisters, otherwise jealousy followed by excuses for igniting acrimony could likely be witnessed in future (God forbid).

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