Chitrali entrepreneur/Philanthropist announces practical services for uplift of youth.

CHITRAL: Chitral’s top entrepreneur and philanthropist, a retired Major of the Pakistan Army and senior aviator, Shahzada Siraj ul Mulk has come up with an initiative to practically help the youth of Chitral find their direction. The goalless and aimless life being offered to these young gems is leading them nowhere, even sending them beyond the boundaries of hope into committing suicides out of frustration. Scope of the project is explained by the initiator himself in a facebook post which is produced below, verbatim.

“I am only addressing the youth of Chitral.
I see small business opportunities in Chitral. Much of them remain unexplored by our people. Unlike the people of Hunza who are benefitting from using their natural resources to their advantage.

If we remain like this others from outside Chitral will step in and fill this vacuum once our roads are built and we have better connectivity with the rest of Pakistan.
I have benefited from investing in Chitral. I want to help our youth to do the same. I want to reach out to young people who are genuinely wanting to start a business of their own but dont know how to go about it. But I will help only those who I find to be genuine.
The level of Education in Chitral is higher than the national average. But on the other hand there are no jobs. Educated unemployed youth feel more frustrated and depressed than uneducated youth. But sadly for one reason or another such educated youth are not looking beyond getting jobs in govt and NGO’s.
Parents who have spent their lifes earnings on educating their children are worried.
Hindukush Heights Chitral has decided to play its role by identifying potential entrepreneurs among the youth (preferably from 15 to 30 years age) and help them to fulfill their dreams. A team of passionate and dedicated young trainers from Lahore are going to help me to see the aptitude and potential in such entrepreneurs in Chitral. We are then going to give them basic training in the fields they have chosen and also hold their hand to connect them with markets in the country related to their field of interest.
Printed application forms are available at the conveniently located Hindukush Express bus terminal in Chitral chowni. After filling them up you can hand them back at the same place to Mr Ghulamullah.
The deadline for the applications to be received is October 9th 2020. For more information, please write to: [email protected]
No need to thank me. I am only fulfilling by duty”.
.. CN report, 30 Sep 2020

2 thoughts on “Chitrali entrepreneur/Philanthropist announces practical services for uplift of youth.

  1. Very good initiative by the top go-getter personality of Chitral, who is an inspiration for many of the young Chitralis. I’m hopeful that his efforts will help young Chitraljs realize the world beyond ‘Sarkari naukari’ and embrace the opportunities that even a remote place like Chitral offers. Most of these opportunities have so far been exploited only by our Pashtoon and afghan brethren who don’t botter about ‘loag kya kahaingai’.
    it’s sometimes sad to see Chitral’s working in petty jobs in cities although they could do much better at home by taking calculated risks.

  2. It is a best opportunity for youths, offered by shahzada Sahab ,a successful personality. Thank u shahzada Sahab !

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