Chitrali Doctor authors outstanding book on medicine

ISLAMABAD: Dr Zubaida Sirang from Chitral has become the first ophthalmologist from Pakistan whose book has made it to the list of ?best ophthalmology books of all times? by BookAuthority.

Dr Zubaida's book among three 'best of all times'BookAuthority?is the world?s leading site for nonfiction book recommendations, helping its readers in finding the best books on various topics to develop their skills.

The book of Dr Zubaida: ?Optics made Easy? was also named as one of the three bestselling books on?

Dr Zubaida is daughter of educationist, poet/writer, author and Sher Wali Khan Aseer of Yarkhun.

She graduated from the Aga Khan University Karachi (AKU). She was the second female student to have gotten admission to the prestigious Aga Khan university.

Currently,?she is completing her specialization?on ophthalmology from the Galaway University Hospital in Ireland.

The young doctor after graduating from the AKU preferred to serve in her hometown for more than two years before starting her specialization.

Chitral, especially remote areas of Upper Chitral, lack basic healthcare facilities.

The whole valley of Yarkhun and Broghil has no basic health unit (BHU) and the one BHU in Brep is without any doctor.

The KP government sent?83 newly-appointed doctors to Chitral recently?but none of them was posted to the BHU in Brep.

It is also a fact that almost all Chitrali doctors prefer to work in major cities and some of them have shifted out of the country.? .. Source

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  1. Big achievement – the book can be accessed through this website –

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