Chitral Scouts spokesman issues clarification on tunnel incident

Chitral: A spokesman of Chitral Scouts has issued their clarification on the Lowari tunnel incident involving the MNA. According to the statement the MNA’s vehicle reached the tunnel during tunnel closure time. When the guard asked the driver for identification the latter misbehaved and pushed him aside saying couldn’t he see the MNA sign on the vehicle.. The driver also hit the duty commander on the head with his car key injuring the latter. The MNA started a sit in to cover the misbehavior of his driver, the statement read.

According to the statement the NHA is responsible for opening closing time of tunnel and security is only to register vehicle on both sides. However it helps facilitate official number plate vehicles, ambulances and and other needy travelers to pass through the tunnel during the tunnel closure time.

The spokesman said if the MNA had introduced himself in time he would have been allowed to pass through the tunnel and this situation would not have arisen. The statement regretted blowing up the matter in the social media and termed it uncalled for. .. CN report, 16 Oct 2018

4 thoughts on “Chitral Scouts spokesman issues clarification on tunnel incident

  1. After reading the above report, following questions arise.
    1. The MNA says he reached the tunnel at 8 am morning. Why was the tunnel closed at that time?
    2. If the tunnel was closed then why should have he been allowed inside had he identified himself?
    3. Why are official vehicles, VIPs, sifarishees, ambulances etc allowed to travel inside when work is supposed to be going on. Do they fly over the on going work or is there some hidden underpass in the tunnel through which such vehicles bypass the ongoing work? If they can go inside any time why not the common traveler?
    4. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s slogan of “one Pakistan for all” seems a farce in the face of this gross injustice and discrimination meted out to helpless people. There cannot be a better example of failure of PM Imran Khan’s slogan of ONE PAKISTAN than what can be seen at the Lowari tunnel

  2. Please spare ambulances. Yes! everything, all over the world is removed on an emergency basis that comes on the way of ambulance. Am agree with you for the rest .. why sarkari garii ? that makes no sense.

  3. In order to preserve the sanctity of Armed Forces, their personnel should not be deputed on sensitive duties which warrant direct contact with the public and specially when they are given prerogative authority. Ugly situations like the one reported above is a result of this. Police should be detailed for such duties and if the police is weak it should be strengthened. Armed forces look good on the borders and in their cantonments.

  4. Looks like we have “Aik nahe, do Pakistan” policy at the Lawari tunnel. Pti government should take notice of this discrimination. If tunnel is closed for maintenance, prior notice should be given and then it should remain closed for all irrespective.

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