Chitral rich in websites, social media presence

Chitral — The otherwise castaway district of Chitral is rich in its presence on the social media, particularly websites from Chitral?are multiplying. There are about a dozen websites few in English but mostly in Urdu which are updated regularly and register even petty news happenings in Chitral.

Besides websites Chitralis are also very active on Facebook, having many pages related to Chitral besides numerous personal pages. Participation of youth in social media discussions speaks of the intrinsic intelligence and interest in intellectual pursuits, of Chitralis.

Chitralis have been known for their interest in studying and?striving for even petty white collar jobs even if they?paid less, compared to physical labour though more rewarding. The advent of social media has given a chance to Chitralis to show their talent. With proper guidance and sponsorship Chitrali youth can well excel in the information technology field?.. CN report, 15 May 2017

One thought on “Chitral rich in websites, social media presence

  1. For every territory, usually its advancement dependent on its location, geographical contiguous, immediate contact, conditions of sister district, roads, communications, education, health and social systems. If these features are vibrant and friendly-user in the locality definitely people easily assimilate and adapt to modern changes, to leap and pace with the contemporary changes willy-nilly.

    However, our beloved Chitral, due to its peculiar geographical conditions and remoteness not lies in the belts of such zone like twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Despite this bottleneck, by the grace of Almighty Allah, our young generations are equipped and blessed with all those noble chips and germs which hungrily grasps and utilise anything in a befitting manner not only in the field of information technology but also in every field of life.

    Now, it is a high time that our youth utilises these privileges of informative age and make the most of these websites and social media. Disseminates, contributes their valuable, positive thinking and soft image of Chitral via discussions, sharing, comments while stressing and focusing on their dauntless determination and struggling on studies. ‘Shun not the struggle, it is a Gift of Allah.’

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