Chitral; quickest way to progress

The district of Chitral, though gifted with bounties by mother nature, is always found to be at the edge of existence when contemporary progress and development is considered. Whether it be mineral deposits, tourism potential or human resource none has been duly exploited so far.

The most precious and readily available treasure of Chitral, is its water potential in the form of gushing rivers and virulent mountain streams, screaming to be utilised.

Of late there has been some awareness in studying the potential for hydel power stations at various places but the necessary zest in this direction is still missing.

What needs to be done is immediately start working on setting up hydel stations of minimum one megawatt power at every feasible location in the district. This would definitely prove to be the most beneficial developmental investment made here.

After these power stations start producing abundant electricity,they should be netted together and an independent power company by the name of ‘Chitral Electric Supply Corporation’ be set up which should manage the production and distribution of electricity throughout the district.

Power should be made available to consumers at minimal rates say one rupee per unit so that all consumers use it for heating, cooking and all other energy consuming requirements.

Any house which has a cottage industry in it like micro fruit processing, weaving, stitching or other power requiring machinery, electricity should be provided free to that house (as is done in China) so that cottage industry flourishes, woman in the house (52% of population) is made part of development process and Chitralis stand on their own feet.

The culture of always looking towards free lunch (a.k.a Aid) can be done away with by giving Chitralis the opportunity to stand on their own feet and in this direction nothing can be more effective, than to make them energy rich and thus confident and productive.

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