Chitral NA, PA candidates should present their programs in Public forum

Chitral .. Electioneering in Chitral will soon rise to its peak levels. Candidates are already going from door to door asking for votes. Some are using tribal and communal connections, some regional associations, some using mosques and Madrassas, to garner support in the forthcoming polls.

What is missing is the dissemination of clear cut programs of candidates and their party policies with respect to the country and Chitral in particular. It would be in the best scheme of things if a timetable is made to bring each and every candidate of the National and Provincial Assembly on a public forum and let them present their programs with clear cut time limits to fulfillment of their programs. The candidates should also be subjected to questions from the audience which they would be required to answer in the public forum. Each Candidate pair of a particular party should be called separately in a different time slot..

A possible actualization of this could be through arrangement at the Chitral press club. Any candidate refusing to attend? the ‘”Answer the People'” forum should be advertised as such. The proceedings of the forum can then be published on the social media, local Radio and cable TV network the next day.

Chitral should set precedence for decent and scientific electioneering procedures instead of the traditional “Danda Mari” going on. .. CN report, 20 Jun 2018

3 thoughts on “Chitral NA, PA candidates should present their programs in Public forum

  1. If you ask candidates if they have even read their party manifesto, the honest reply would be a big NO. It is therefore a good insurance measure that candidates are made to spell out what they have in store for the people when thy get elected. Time factor is also very important, otherwise they would say we wanted to do, but this and that happened and next time we will do it etc etc. We have had enough experience with democracy and keeping same in mind should take insurance measures now.

  2. A good idea. The Chitral Press Club is requested to take up the initiative for briefings in pairs. People have fairly good idea of the problems of Chitral and after listening to the candidates they can easily decide who best qualifies to be elected. The list of manifestos could also be used as a yardstick to judge the performance of those elected.

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