Chitral MPAs ready to jump the fence?

Chitral.. According to a reliable source, (news unconfirmed though) both the sitting MPAs belonging to Chitral district are ready to shift political loyalties. The source disclosed that the MPAs were in close contact with the Chief Minister KP and are mulling joining the PTI which has the government in the province.

Changing political parties on principles is not something to be ashamed of, rather sticking to a political party for personal gains is something to be admonished.

Shifting of the two stalwarts of PPP to a rival?party will deliver a big blow to an erstwhile popular political party of Chitral?which already is under moral cloud?for halting the?construction of Lowari tunnel and diverting its funds to Multan and Gujar Khan by the two PPP Prime Ministers during?their tenures?in office?.. CN report, 24 May 2017.

2 thoughts on “Chitral MPAs ready to jump the fence?

  1. It is good to change political party on the basis of principles. But how do you know if it was a principle decision or a decision based on vested interests.
    1. If a person leaves a party of opposition and joins party in power, most probably he has been bought.
    2. Timing matters as well. This principled awakening happening right before general elections creates doubts over the intentions.
    Having said that the ones already in the party also do not have any moral high ground so i guess in the end it is the same.

  2. Both our respected MPAs are a good-for-nothing, there is a zero-sum contribution to the development of Chitral. They have confined themselves only to the posting/transfer of teachers rather than take an active part in the development of Chitral. Such weak MPAs we have never seen in the history of Chitral. In a great extent, the mistake is in our (public) because we are selecting such candidates who have quite a pole apart distance from the ruling government in provincial as well as in Federal so how we expect such MPA to allocate fund in the development sector.

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