Chitral Jirgas denounce terrorism, demand austerity by officials

CHITRAL: Two Amn (peace) Jirgas were held in Chitral on Thursday to condemn current terrorist attacks by Taliban on border posts in lower Chitral. One Jirga was held at the press club while another was held at the Jamat Islami office.

As reported by Gul Hamad Farooqi:
“The atmosphere of Chitral was very sad after the unfortunate incident that took place in Chitral in recent days in which four security forces personnel were martyred and seven were injured. People are living a life of great sorrow and fear they are under great tension. Chitral was an ideal peaceful district where thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit every year and most of the tourists visit the Kalash valley. But Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan attacked a post of Chitral Scouts near Bomburavalley  Kailash and another post of Chitral Scouts in Janjerit Koh, killing four personnel. After this, the atmosphere of the entire Chitral is very mournful and people are worried.

A Grand peace Jirga was organized on the call of Jamat Islami  to restore the ideal peace of Chitral. Leaders of all political and religious parties and people of both Sunni and Ismaili communities participated in the peace Jirga in large numbers. Addressing the Jirga, the elders of the area said that the people of Chitral have always been loyal to Pakistan and the army. But every Chitrali is very worried about the unpleasant incident that happened in recent days. They  said that there are so many agencies working in Chitral and they had been informed earlier, but despite thatNo measures were taken in the true sense to prevent it, which is sorrowful.

The speakers said that the work of border police i.e. Chitral Levies is to protect these borders but the entire procession of these Levies is present in the office of Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner and most of the Levies are in the bungalows of DC, AC and other officers. It is completely unfair and illegal to engage them in personal work. They are not paid from the public exchequer to personally serve the official’s children or his household but their job is to protect the borders.  They  said that the VIP protocol of the officers in Chitral should also be stopped. Presidents and Prime Ministers of some European countries go to their offices on bicycles or without any protocol, but here a whole procession of protocols goes before the vehicle of even an ordinary civil servant, which creates frustration and hatred in the people.

The speakers said that Kailash people having the  world’s only and unique culture are living  in Chitral. Tourists from all over the world come here to see their unique culture. Ihave also created an atmosphere of fear. If the situation remains like this, no local or foreign tourists will be  come there and these people depend on the income from tourism. If that happens, the people of Kailash will be forced to starve.

On this occasion, a unanimous resolution was also passed, according to which the government was requested that the Chief of Army Staff, General Munir, who has lost four of our soldiers in the recent terrorist attack, should immediately visit Chitral to meet with  elders here. Through the  resolution they demanded that the people of the border area of Chitral should be given their basic rights and facilities to end their sense of deprivation. So that they remain loyal to their homeland as always. The resolution expressed great concern that such incidents occurred in Chitral  in the presence of so many  law enforcement agencies, security forces and intelligence agencies working in Chitral. They also demanded that Officials of these agencies  should avoid interfering in other matters other than their duties. The resolution demanded that the Chitral Border Police should be sent to the borders instead of bureaucratic protocol to protect them. It was also demanded that unnecessary protocol should be avoided during the movement of officers within Chitral as it spreads hatred and frustration among the people. The administration’s lack of communication with the people and keeping them in the dark during the unfortunate incidents is condemnable. This creates a  gap  between the people and the government.  Jirgas will also be organized in Drosh, Garm Chashma, Upper Chitral and other areas for restoration of peace. A large number of people belonging to all walks of life participated in this peace  Jirga, which was concluded with the prayer words of former Amir Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulan Sher Aziz”. .. GH Farooqi, 07 Sep 2023

3 thoughts on “Chitral Jirgas denounce terrorism, demand austerity by officials

  1. These jirga’s and press conferences are a very good and timely step taken by the people of Chitral. What must also be taken into account is the social media which has a much wider circulation than jirga’s and press conferences. The TTP knows this and are systematically passing their messages without delay. They will be talking of injustices in our society, they will be talking of a better justice system they will be creating hatred for our armed forces etc etc. They have already started this. False pictures of our people in their custody are being shown in places that look like Chitral but are actually in Afghanistan. Chitral town is being shown under seige which actually is some other town. People in Chitral have a habit of sharing and forwarding messages without even reading them so such messages from TTP sources can be very dangerous for us. Please be very mindful and careful in using the social media. The TTP know that the difference between Chitral and the rest of KP where they have been operating is that Chitralies are more educated and use the social media extensively.
    I request everyone to circulate and share this post of mine extensively.

    1. Keeping aside whoever they are and whatever they are doing elsewise, if the taliban are exposing injustices in our society, they are doing a favour to us. We have two options:
      1. To finish injustices in our society, so that their narrative becomes ineffective.
      2. To finish the taliban.

    2. Those who organised a jirga and a press conference actually dont represent the majority of chitrali masses. They both have tried to take political advantage of the present volatile situation arising in the district.. The have created frictions among chitrali masses instead of unity. We need unity in these testing times. I am in 100% agreement with your viwes and suggestion about the misuse of social media and spreading fake news and pictures and footages to create hatred against the armed forces. The workers of a political party are also active in sharing hate material against the armed forces. All duch elements should not be spared. They should be apprehended and punished.

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