Chitral hundred years behind rest of the world in road infrastructure: CDF

CHITRAL: At a meeting of the newly formed non-political forum namely ‘Chitral Development Forum’ speakers demanded that the government  immediately pay attention towards the pathetic condition of roads and bridges in the two districts. They lamented that the road infrastructure was at a least a hundred years behind rest of the world. Even neighboring districts of Swat , Dir and GB were way better in this matter. The meeting was convened by founder of the forum Waqas Ahmad Advocate and presided over by Professor Mumtaz Hussain. Amongst the participants were Shahzada Siraj Ul Mulk member of PM’s task force on tourism and other elite and civil society representatives. The meeting decided that if no concrete steps are taken in this regard, the meeting will be reconvened after a month to decide on further action. .. CN report, 11 Oct 2020

One thought on “Chitral hundred years behind rest of the world in road infrastructure: CDF

  1. I have already published about a dozen articles on this topic in many ONLINE papers. I do support this side of the many issues that Chitralis face. However it is with regret I say that presence of some of the participants being member of Tourism task Force did nothing being in that forum often sitting with the authorities concerned and failing to do anything positive so far.

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