Has Chitral become a ‘banana republic’?

Pushcart banana vendor in Chitral bazar

CHITRAL: Not in the proverbial sense of being a ‘banana republic’, but virtually a district full of bananas for sale. The fruit shops and the mobile pickups selling fruits and the pushcart vendors all have their vehicles laden with bananas, compared to little bit of other fruits. The main reason for this is the easy availability of bananas as compared to other fruits and the sweet tooth which Chitralis enjoy for everything from sweetmeats to sweet fruits. The storage facilities for raw bananas where they are artificially ripened is on the increase with fruit wholesalers in Chitral town, because of the high demand for the fruit. .. CN report, 05 Sep 2020

One thought on “Has Chitral become a ‘banana republic’?

  1. The caption first shocked me but on reading details it turned out to be the abundance of bananas in chitral which is good.

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