Chitral, full of mosques, empty of genuine merchandise in markets

Chitral: Chitral district is full of religious institutions, mosques and madrassas in the centre and south and jamat khanas in the north, all supposed to preach good and honest practices in everyday life. Unfortunately if we look around life in Chitral, dishonest practices proliferate the society. For example the bazars of Chitral are empty of genuine merchandise. Shopkeepers bring the lowest quality and contraband food items, cosmetics and other stuff of daily use and sell them as genuine product at the price of the genuine stuff. Financial honesty gets no importance in the teachings at these mosques, madrassas and jamat khanas. Muslims in general are made to believe that financial dishonesty can be washed away by offering certain rituals. That is why any body who can, commits financial dishonesty with impunity. The high density of mosques, madrassa and jamat khanas in Chitral district should show it’s positive contribution in building a society with high moral strength, otherwise they would just remain places of offering religious rituals. with no contribution to the society .. CN editorial, 08 Nov 2018

One thought on “Chitral, full of mosques, empty of genuine merchandise in markets

  1. Not only mosques and Madrassas, Chitral is also rich in religious political parties. Both elected members of parliament are from religious parties. Are all these religious institutions and entities not responsible for educating the people about the sin of selling fake and adulterated food stuff and everything that can be faked? I don’t see any effort from their side in this respect

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