Chitral districts hit new highs in Covid-19 cases

CHITRAL: With 7 new positive cases of the Covid-19 virus in both upper and Lower Chitral each in one day, the total cases have risen to 63 in upper Chitral and 90 in lower Chitral. However only two fatal cases have so far been registered, both deceased belonging to lower Chitral. Despite the increase in number of positively affected cases of the Coronavirus, not much importance is given to the pandemic and public generally is seen not observing social distancing or even wearing masks in public.
A senior Haji sahib talking to this scribe said the Coronavirus issue was a conspiracy by the Jews to close the Holy Kaaba for muslims. When he was told that the Jews themselves were equally badly affected and their places of worship have also been closed down, he did not have any thing more to say except dismissing the pandemic by saying “I don’t believe in the Coronavirus”. .. CN report, 19 Jun 2020

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