‘Children of a lesser God’

Chitral — The tragic air crash causing death of?forty seven people on board has?unleashed hours, days and weeks of?horrible?pain and agony upon those who are left behind to mourn their loved ones. Amongst the forty one?passengers plus six crew members, twenty?passengers belonged to just one area- Chitral. Not only that twenty ill fated passengers belonged to Chitral but they included six members of a single family which completely?vanished into thin air,?belonged to Chitral.

Despite so?grave being the gravity of this tragedy, it is disgusting to?mention?that not a single?government representative, let alone the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister visited Chitral to condole with the families of the deceased and people of Chitral who lost their lives in such a large number due to the criminal incompetence of the government controlled airline.

Had twenty passengers from any other one?district?been killed in the crash, the Prime minister and Chief minister would have?gone running jumping to the district for condolence.
Why is it that Chitralis are considered lower in status compared to other citizens of Pakistan. We need to look into this phenomenon seriously. Is it that we Chitralis ask too little from life and get it?. If not, what else could be the reason? ?— CN Editorial, 19 Dec 2016

4 thoughts on “‘Children of a lesser God’

  1. Well said Chitral News and, sadly, it is so correct. Your observation needs to be highlighted at every forum. Why are we Chitralies being treated this way. Makes me feel aweful . This time even the army high ups have not responded in the way they used to on such occasions.

    1. We Chitralis are being treated this way because we do not have respect for our own selves. We are all the time demanding “do more” from the government, the NGOs and individuals when it comes to giving aid or grant or alms. We like to project our area as ‘most backward area’,’most affected by floods and earthquake’ most needy,most humble,most destitute, etc. and we and our leaders take pride in projecting ourselves and our area like so . When we ourselves think like that about ourselves, why should the government or any body else give us importance except when giving us grant or charity and advertising it.

  2. I just wonder as if a condolence from a government representative shall really play its role in order to relieve the agony and pain or would stop re-occurrence of such tragic incidents in future. Meanwhile, the rescue operation under taken in aftermath of the incident must be acknowledged.

    Instead of conveying an ambiguous message between lines and having self pity of being a lesser, expecting a hypocrite ?so called leader? to come, condole, leave and forget, the focus should be in identifying and achieving some rational demands that may be, legitimate compensation to families and proper investigation into the tragedy so that the re-occurrence can be avoided and the responsible be severely dealt with.

  3. After reading both the news report and the comments, I’m surprised at the comment of Waji sb saying “the focus should be in identifying and achieving some rational demands”. Is demanding a condolence message from the head of government when such a large catastrophe has hit an area, an irrational demand? If the prime minister could visit Karachi to console journalist Hamid Mir when he was shot in the leg, can’t he travel to Chitral where six members of a family have been wiped out along with 14 other passengers due to an avoidable PIA crash.
    The problem with us Chitralis is we always choose pragmatism over principles. As per Mr Waji, we would prefer money being thrown at us compared to a decent condolence and treating us as equal citizens.

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