Children being fed with harmful snacks in Chitral

Chitral: Tuck loads of harmful snacks in the form of chips, slanties etc can been seen being unloaded in Chitral bazars on daily basis. These unhealthy items made of artificial ingredients mostly dangerous for health are a craze with school going children. The slanties are labled with alluring names like ‘miss call’, ‘wrong number’ ‘rocket’ etc and children love them. One person carrying an armful of these packets while going home was asked by our correspondent as to where was he carrying them. He said he was carrying them for his school going children. When he was told that these snacks are harmful, he replied “my children are addicted to these slanties and would not go to school without them”. The government of Punjab has banned the production and sale of these unhealthy snacks and it is hoped that the KPK government would also put a ban on their production and sale immediately . .. CN report, 10 Oct 2018

One thought on “Children being fed with harmful snacks in Chitral

  1. The biggest disadvantage of these stuff are that they just depress appetite and children can’t take the normal diet containing normal ingredients for their growth. Secondly they contain toxic chemicals very harmful for the health….who is responsible for the check & prevention? at least I don’t know..

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