Chiitrali falconers participate in International Falconry Festival

Chitral: Two Chitrali falconers Shahzada?Mohammad Amir Hasanat and Subur uddin, part of a four member Pakistani falconers team led by Kamran Khan Yousafzai, have reached Abu Dhabi to participate in the third International Falconry Festival? It may be noted that falconry has been a traditional sport in Chitral which has now almost dwindled into extinction. The efforts by few individuals to keep the tradition alive is appreciable... CN report, 03 Dec 2017

One thought on “Chiitrali falconers participate in International Falconry Festival

  1. I would like to extend our best wishes to both Shahzada Muhammad Ameer Hasanat and Suburuddin for representing Pakistan in the International Falconry Festival. It merits a mention here that Shahzada Hasanat should do his best for the revival and promotion of this traditional sport in Chitral so that the century’s old tradition of falconry could be kept alive.

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