Checks on social media need of the time

Dear Sir,
The social media provides a platform to share and express one?s thoughts and views on various issues. It also educates the people about the developments across the world and gives them an access to have contacts with people from diverse cultures via the Facebook and the Tweeter. It gives voice to the voiceless and acts as a mouthpiece for them against the occasional highhandedness of the power elite. It mirrors the social evils; and can be quite effective in bringing about a positive change in the collective conscience of the society if properly utilized for its well being.

Contrary to that, when it is used for the projection of one?s nefarious designs and personal vendetta it?s like an unbridled horse. Then it will have dire consequences for the peace of society resulting in a mess and chaos. Sadly, the increasing number of our youth is misusing the social media especially the Facebook to scoff at politicians and fellow citizens in an obnoxious manner. Worse still, the exchange of harsh words and expletives demonstrates the rising trend of intolerance in the society that will ultimately rip apart the moral fabric. There must be some restraint to the freedom of expression on the social media. As it goes, ?your freedom ends where my nose begins’. .. Khalid Pervaiz, Booni, Chitral. 05 Sep 2018

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