So, here is the primary cause of the moral decadence in Muslims (video)

7 thoughts on “So, here is the primary cause of the moral decadence in Muslims (video)

  1. Such crazy people who take upon themselves the task of ‘preaching’ Islam are in fact the biggest enemies of Islam

  2. I have read that Allah Almighty has mentioned in the holy Quran that Allah may forgive sins against His own rights i.e Huqooq Allah in which prayers is the primary right, but He shall not forgive sins against Huqooq ul ibaad i.e sins against humanity. Isn’t what this person is saying opposite to what is written in the holy Quran?

  3. That is not about missing of one or one thousand Salah… The Mullah is totally lost , it is about refuter who refutes even one salah is worst sin in the eyes of Allah than any other sin.

  4. Not all Mullahs carry this opinion. Many are extremely decent and respectable. However when even one person posing to preach religion utters such nonsensical innuendos, it becomes an excuse for the illiterate followers to indulge in moral vices and then ‘wash them away’ with prayers, as this preacher is implying. The more unfortunate part is that even genuine religious preachers do not rebut such uttering by irresponsible people like the one in this video. Molana Tariq Jameel of the Tableeghi Jamaat should issue a clarifying statement on this video which has gone viral on the social media.

  5. I suggest there should be a pan Islamic debate organised by the Jamia Al Azhar University, in which scholars from all sects of Muslims should be invited with a one point agenda i.e. to thrash out the confusion between the priorities and weightage of Huqooq Allah (the rights of Allah) and Huqooq ul Ibaad (the rights of human beings).
    In the present situation 99% weightage is given to Huqooq Allah and only 1% to Huqooq ul Ibaad, by Islamic preachers. This misunderstanding/dichotomy should end once for all through a joint declaration (fatwa) by Muslim scholars. May be, from there on we can start strengthening our moral fiber and thereby invoke the pleasure and the mercy of Allah Almighty.

    1. Well thought suggestion as an institution Jamia Al Azhar will play a ‘central authority’ role, which is currently missing, to make decisions on this and other issues making it compatible with the fast changing social world.

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