Case for public hanging as a deterrent to heinous crimes

CHITRAL: The recent case of a senior cleric being involved in the act of sodomy by blackmailing a helpless student, highlights the importance of punitive and swift punishments for heinous crimes, if these are to be discouraged. The current system of justice and prosecution in Pakistan is heavily skewed in favour of the criminals and therefore there is a constant rise in the rate of such crimes.
Even in rare cases when the criminals are given death penalty, it is not adequately publicised. The offender is executed in darkness. In such a case the criminal dies but the crime remains alive.

Public hanging- The deterrent to heinous crime

Pakistan needs to adopt Islamic laws for serious social crimes. The complete Islamic penal code may not be able to be adopted at once but at least punishments for crimes like child rape, kidnapping for ransom, looting and plundering and other extreme offenses against the society can be put under the Islamic scimitar.

A person who deserves to be given death penalty should be hanged or beheaded in public. This will serve as a deterrent and criminals who have become very bold will think many times before committing such heinous crimes. The option available to the family of the victim in forgiving the criminal should also be taken away from them.

The world needs bold and speedy measures to arrest the increase in magnitude of horrendous crimes. If Islam can provide an answer, why not adopt it’s tenets regarding such crimes. Humanity will thank us if we promulgate the time tested law against terrorists of this kind. .. CN report, 19 Jun 2021

2 thoughts on “Case for public hanging as a deterrent to heinous crimes

  1. Please include ‘looting and plundering of the country’ also in the list of serious crimes that deserve public hanging.

  2. Every crime e.g. looting, plundering, maladministration, corruption etc. happens only and only because the people, yes the people refuse the Almighty’s command to become “Responsible Citizens “. So when people refuse to obey the Almighty why should they not endure slavery of those corrupt ones they ask for due to their inaction?
    What is Almighty’s command to become “Responsible Citizens ” ? It is in words “Wah tusay moo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah walah taferruqoo.”
    How many people can we see who want to end all sorts of vices i.e. maladministration and corruption they endure? Do we see any? No we do not see any, anywhere. We do not see people prepared to become “Responsible Citizens “. We do not see a single Jumeeyah. A single Jumeeyah, whereas in every nook and corner of the country people could be seen to be working to liberate themselves from all sorts of vices by organising their Jumeeyah.
    What more, the Almighty also warned people in words “No soul shall carry the burden of another soul on the day of Judgement”. This tells people to become to responsible to become participants collectively in shaping their life and destiny.
    Will someone come from anywhere to show people how to become “Responsible Citizens “?
    For as long as the people at large will not be prepared to become responsible citizens to organise their Jumeeyah and to work for their welfare and security, through their collective efforts they will remain under slavery of those undesirable characters they want to liberate themselves from. Their is no other way for the people. Either come out join hands with each other and become responsible citizens collectively through your Jumeeyah or otherwise keep on enjoying the slavery your suffer from for leaving your life and destiny into the hands of those who are most unfit for your trust.

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