Canadian female vlogger permanently moves to Gilgit Baltistan

Rosie Gabrielle Gilgit Baltistan

Canadian vlogger, Rosie Gabrielle, has announced to permanently move to Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. The traveler said that Pakistan is a safe country and more foreign travelers and vloggers should visit and explore the country.

“The long-anticipated wait is over! We are happy to share and announce that we have officially shifted to the north of Pakistan. Neither of us is city people or “fit in” with societal “norms” and the system. We long for wide-open spaces, fresh air, peace, simple life, nature, and ADVENTURE!,” said Rosie Gabrielle in an Instagram post.

“Although it was necessary for the time to be based in the city, we couldn’t wait to get out of there. After 10 long months living in Lahore, we finally made the move and shifted our entire life up here- indefinitely. With travel restrictions still in force around the globe making getting around too complicated, we decided to stay put for a while here in Pk. But that meant moving somewhere we both could thrive a bit better,” she added.

“Looking to take the stressful pressures off ourselves, focusing more on being present, being in nature, having an adventure at our finger tips and generally living a more simple life, this is the PERFECT place to be. We have SO MANY things to share with you about living life in a small village tucked in the mountains. It truly is a DREAM come to true MASHALLAH we are so blessed,” she said in the conclusion

She asked her followers that soon she will be releasing new content on her social media platform. Gabrielle said that she will soon embark on an adventurous journey and will share it with her fans. .. Source 

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