Building materials take a high jump overnight in Chitral

CHITRAL: With the construction season in full swing, the price of building materials have been rising steadily so far, but the night between 08 and 09 July saw a big jump in these building essentials. According to a working building contractor, a ton of Rebar (sarya, 60 grade prime) which cost Rs 142000 a day before was being sold at Rs 163000 per ton on 09 July. Similarly a bag of cement being sold at Rs 695 on 08 July was quoted at Rs 725 on 09 July by the building material sellers in the market.

The irrational jump in prices of many daily use commodities and construction material, points towards a lack of control of the government in regulating prices in a rational manner, and every vendor blames the government for the price escalation and sells his stuff with his own escalatory margin added to the already inflicted price hike by the government. .. CN report, 09 Jul 2021

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