British Principal returns to Chitral school

Chitral —  British principal of the Langland School and College, returned to Chitral triumphantly after a protracted struggle with visa formalities etc.  Soon after taking over from Maj GD Langland two years ago, Ms Carey Schofield gained goodwill of the students and their parents for carrying out reforms in the school, bringing order and discipline back to the institution, which had gone into the back ground there. She also attended to the financial irregularities in administrative matters of the School. In the process the lady hired and fired according to merit, as she put it. Not being used to accountability, some staff of the school protested against her and soon a simple administrative matter of a school became a hot debated issue in Chitral.

On 12 Feb 2015, on her return to Chitral after a long absence, she was warmly received at the airport by students, parents and staff of the School. Some educated locals talking to Chitral News expressed the hope that now the issue would be put to rest by all quarters and the principal would be allowed to work implementing merit, discipline and character building of the students as is expected from any educational institution

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