‘Brands’ continue to open shop in Chitral

CHITRAL: Chitral for long being overwhelmed by local, often fake products has found respite with opening of National and International brands in the past few months. Recently the International shoe brand ‘Bata’ had opened it’s official outlet in Chitral town, and now another large national brand of frozen food, ‘Menu’ has opened it’s company operated branch in Chitral town at the Bye pass road, Ataliq bazar.

The regional manager of the company Mr Asad talking to ‘Chitral News’ said that when they first showed interest in opening the outlet, they were discouraged by some people saying there was no market here for their stuff, but he said he went ahead nevertheless. The RM said he was pleasantly surprised by the response of the people on the opening day. Customers including families thronged the outlet to buy genuine branded foodstuff, he said. The Company plans to open a similar outlet in Booni soon, the manager added. .. CN report, 18 Mar 2022

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