Booni micro hydro power project still awaiting completion

Dear Sir,
The 500-Kilowatt micro hydro power project in Booni launched by SRSP (Sarhad Rural Support Program) with the financial assistance of the European Union is still awaiting its completion. The project that was launched by the CEO SRSP a couple of years back and was expected to be completed within a period of one year as per the assurances of the CEO exceeded its timeframe due to obvious reasons. In the first place, the contract of the construction work was awarded to local contractors who caused unnecessary delay in the progress of the construction work as they lacked heavy machinery and efficient workforce to expedite the pace of work on the project. When enquired about the delay, the contractors would shift the blame onto the SRSP high-ups for withholding the release of funds on time as the reason for the inordinate delay.

Whatever the reasons, the abject failure of the SRSP to complete this project in time raises many questions on the performance and transparency of this organization. When a concerned engineer was approached for clarification, he told this writer that an additional amount of two crore rupees is needed to lay the transmission lines, which the organization is reluctant to provide at this point in time due to paucity of funds. It sounds ridiculous how an organization of the proportion of SRSP could fall short of such a meager amount of cash to complete a micro hydro power project.? The communities are persistently being deceived through gimmicks like these by the concerned quarters.? It?s worrying to note that the Tehreek-i-Huqooq Upper Chitral have called a protest demonstration against the apathy of the SRSP high ups.

In order to avoid any law and order situation, the CEO SRSP, honourable Shahzada Masood ulMulk should intervene to resolve the issue in the best interest of the local community. The residents of Booni always hold the CEO SRSP in high esteem and veneration as the proud son of Chitral. The chants of slogans in his praise must be echoing in his memory when they welcomed him with the warmth of heart at the Polo ground in Booni during the inaugural ceremony of the said project.? The CEO is once again appealed through the courtesy of your reputed online news to allay the apprehensions of the community by allocating the much needed funds for the completion of the project. This goodwill gesture if extended will earn for the CEO SRSP the prayers of the local community and will enhance the long-lasting respect in their hearts for him. .. Khalid Pervaiz, Booni, Chitral 22 Nov 2018

One thought on “Booni micro hydro power project still awaiting completion

  1. Dear editor Chitral news and prof Khalid pervez,thanks for highlighting.. Booni electric project is like our roads…pathetic condition…The hospitals have no electricity I think the highers ups of SRSP must look into this matter and do justice…The best suggestion would be that honorable CEO SRSP visit the community and the area..this is our humble plea.

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