Booni Hydel Power Project awaits completion

Dear Sir,
About three years ago, the Chief Executive of Sarhad Rural Support Program, Shahzada Masoodul Mulk, unveiled the plaque of a 500- Kv Micro-Hydel Power Project for the residents of Booni amidst a huge gathering at the Polo Ground Booni. In his address, the CEO SRSP promised that the Micro- Hydel Project will become operational within a short span of nine months. He also instructed the contractor to speed up the pace of work on the project and insisted upon the locals to keep a vigilant eye on the progress of the work. Contrary to his directives, the work on the site started at a snail?s pace obviously due to lack of sufficient machinery and workforce at the disposal of the said contractor. When enquired by the locals, the contractor would give lame excuses and sometimes would blame the SRSP high-ups for not releasing the required funds to pay the labor working on the site as the reason for the inordinate delay.

The said project of 500-Kv micro-Hydel Power project puts a question mark on the credibility of the engineers and the technical staff of the SRSP and also raises questions about the modus operandi of putting on tender of various development projects. It lends credence to the perception that the technical staff in the SRSP are mere diploma holders and are not the graduates of some reputed Engineering institutions having the required technical know-how. The Hydel-project at Booni speaks volumes about the inefficient staff who desperately failed to complete a project of a mere 500-kv Hydo-power in time. The CEO SRSP is requested to take notice of the slow progress of work on the project and enquire into the matter as to how the project is still awaiting its completion despite his vivid instructions for its completion in nine months. .. Khalid Pervaiz Raza, Booni, Chitral 18 Dec 2017

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