Blatant publicity of charity work should be banned

CHITRAL: It is disgusting to see pictures of politicians and social workers handing over foodstuff packets or other petty usage stuff to the needy. In most cases what they are giving away does not belong to them but belongs to anonymous noble donors. The cheap practice of promoting self at the cost of suffering humanity is efficiently facilitated by the uncharted social media like the facebook, whatsapp etc. and the practice is increasing with every passing day.

Display of'charity'
Display of ‘charity’

The spirit of charity (Zakat and Khairat) in Islam can be depicted like when one hand is giving the other hand should not know, but here in Pakistan a person would not hand over anything to an already suffering individual unless a picture/video is recorded and posted on the social media.

It would be most pertinent to ban all pictures/videos of any one giving away charity items to people in any form. This should include all, from the President/ Prime minister down to the lowest government official and should apply on politicians and private individuals too, who disgustingly display their ‘generosity’. .. CN report, 02 Apr 2020

One thought on “Blatant publicity of charity work should be banned

  1. True charity is when one hand gives and the other hand does not know about it, according to Islamic teachings. What is going on iis against the spirit of charity.

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