Black coats and White coats, both need some soul searching

CHITRAL: The recent harrowing incident at a Cardiology Hospital in Lahore has brought to light a couple of deep rooted maladies afflicting our society.

The two main actors in the act at Lahore were the lawyers and the doctors. Not withstanding as to who is to blame in this particular incident, the fact is that both the sections of society i.e doctors and lawyers have a big role in everyday life of the common man.

Where doctors become so important due the ever deteriorating health of the citizens , lawyers have no less a part in the life of the common man. Where doctors (the honest and God fearing ones) try to serve ailing patients, there are many who are visibly greedy for money, who unnecessarily refer patients to their clinics and prolong their treatments with avoidable laboratory tests and investigations, thus torturing the poor patient with heavy financial burden. Similarly the lawyers (with all the respect to the noble exceptions) complicate litigation , prolong the court cases for their continuous fees income and many a times discourage out of court settlement between dueling parties.

Whereas any body would demand to award exemplary punishment to those who ransacked a hospital and killed patients, the mindset that has reached such a dangerous state which made the lawyers to be so aggressive and violent should be addressed. The state which boasts of trying to follow the ‘Madina’ model should do something as was done in Madina in these kind of situations, or else the PM should stop using the Holy name of ‘Madina’ so cheaply every now and then. .. CN report, 13 Dec 2019

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