Bitter Fact: Former bureaucrats who have served in Chitral do not have a high impression of Chitralis

CHITRAL: A senior Chitrali personality who himself has been in highest of offices and has close rapport with senior bureaucrats, police officials and other elite administrative officials who have at some time served in Chitral in key administrative positions, disclosed to this scribe that in official statements these officers may have been praising Chitralis for their peace loving nature and civility etc etc, but in private conversations they did not mention much good about the nature of Chitralis.

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The most prominent point unanimously opined by former administrators about Chitralis was that they do not stand for principles, rather mostly bow to the rising sun, implying they were spineless. They are by nature jealous and ill wishers of each other and put more effort in pulling down others rather than rising themselves, some opined. They said there was a visible dearth of unity amongst Chitralis. One former official quoted an example that if people of an area address a genuine press conference against an alleged misdoing of some administrative official, the very next day another group of people from same area will voluntarily hold a press conference rebutting their fellow brethren and in support of the official. They said for these reasons it was very easy to govern and control Chitralis. .. CN report, 04 Aug 2020

7 thoughts on “Bitter Fact: Former bureaucrats who have served in Chitral do not have a high impression of Chitralis

  1. Hundred % true. very same has already been narrated by Munshi Azizuddin in his book History of Chitral century ago.

  2. Agree! The civility and peace lovingness in Chitralis is not original. It is in fact a by-product of cowardice. If it had been original, they would have treated migrating birds, sparrows and injured street dogs with kindness.

  3. The fact that Chitralis are leg-pullers is factual and correct assessment of the residents of Chitral. The majority of the Chitralis are hypocrites in a sense that they are not what they seem to be. They are always good at backstabbing and backbiting. Those who call a spade a spade among Chitral are few and far between and belong to respectable families and tribes in Chitral .

  4. I don’t agree with their observation – not all Chitralies are same. environment (homes, educational institutions, worship places, religious beliefs and neighborhoods) plays critical role in building personality, and forming mentality. not every child gets the same environment because of various factors so we cannot measure every Chiltrali with the same scale. indeed, Chitral is a peaceful place and we must maintain it.

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