‘The big day’: Golen powerhouse starts supplying electricity to Chitral

Chitral : Power generation from the 110 Megawatt Golen hydel project has eventually started to provide electricity to Chitral town to begin with and will gradually extend the supply to the whole district. Having being used to deprivation and living on minimums, the Chitralis are overwhelmed with this new found ‘gift’ which they can’t believe they have got it.? An aura of exuberance and jubilation prevailed in Chitral town the whole day, with people congratulating each other.

The Member National Assembly Shahzada Iftikharuddin clearly carried the day as he relentlessly worked towards this moment that will be marked as a milestone in Chitral’s history when the people were introduced to standard, regular electricity like in normal civilized societies around the world. .. CN report, 23 Jan 2018

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