Better Education needs satisfied teacher

The present government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is making efforts to improve the standard of education in the province. No doubt, this is a highly commendable effort. System of monitoring has been introduced. The presence of teachers in the schools has been surely improved.

Now the question arises, whether the physical presence of teachers in the school is sufficient for the enhancement of the standard of education? In my opinion mental satisfaction of a teacher is not less important than his physical presence.
If the government of KPK really wants to improve the standard of education in the province then she should take steps to satisfy the teachers.

Keeping in view the situation in Chitral district I would like to draw the attention of the high ups towards the fact that Chitral is a unique district, being the largest with respect to area and the smallest with respect to population. More than 80 % of the area is covered with mountains. Human dwellings are situated in different geographical pockets, far away from each other. There is no organized transport system. In such a situation when a teacher is posted far away from his/her home town/village, it is natural for him/her to feel great tension.

The first problem of a teacher in the new place is that of shelter as most of the schools have not been provided with residential quarters. Though the situation is equally hard for all, yet male teachers have the liberty to live with friends etc. In case of a female teacher, if she has no close relative in the village of her posting it becomes impossible for her to live without confident, like husband, father, brother or son, she feels helpless and her condition is miserable. Any teacher facing this sort of unfavorable conditions surely will not be able to give full attention to his/her duties i.e teaching and therefore we cannot expect any better result from the mere presence of the teachers in a school. Every educated person can realize that peaceful and satisfactory environment is the first requirement of a teacher. The government and specially the present local government must therefore, manage to provide residential quarters with at least girl schools if not for all.

The second problem of the teachers is that of tenure. Though there are fixed tenures, yet most often teachers posted at far-flung areas did not avail chance to go to the stations nearer to their homes because of unknown reasons.

The local government must also take necessary steps to ensure transfer of teachers after the completion of prescribed tenure by a teacher in a far-flung area. So that every teacher, keeping in mind his/her further posting within the fixed period of tenure might be able to feel relaxed. This step will also enable the teacher to work with satisfaction and zeal.

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