What became of ‘All Parties’ resolution/threat?

Chitral : Two ‘all parties’ meetings were held first chaired by the district Nazim and second by the district naib Nazim. In both the meetings, a resolution was passed demanding daily opening (or at least three days opening) of the Lowari tunnel. The resolution also threatened to launch a district wide protest if the demand was not met. Neither has the demand been met nor the threatened protest launched.

It is such?weak resolutions and inability of our leaders to honour their?pledges that have formed a very poor impression of Chitralis in the mind of the government. It is because of this poor impression (formed over time) that neither the prime minister nor the chief minister cared to visit or condole with Chitralies in their hour of collective grief on the airplane crash. What is the reason that the ‘all parties’ leaders?have not mobilised the people to protest against non opening of the tunnel? Are their meetings and their resolutions just a joke or what? — CN report, 20 Dec 2016

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