Why there should be a ban on Inaugural ceremonies

Chitral .. The recent episode of political workers of two different political parties confronting each other over the issue of who should inaugurate a project at the hospital in Booni, has highlighted once again the ludicrousness of the culture of holding inaugural ceremonies of government projects and putting up name plates of politicians on them.

Development projects are carried out with public money and should be treated as routine matters. Putting names of politicians on the projects is ridiculous. The practice started in the early 80s when development funds started being disbursed through politicians. Ever since corruption along with superficial showmanship has become a culture in Pakistan. The culture has developed to an extent that now the name of not only one person but a number of persons including the name of the contractor are put on the inauguration plaque.

If any politician or for that matter any person carries out a development project with his personal money or has major personal contribution in the project he deserves to inaugurate it and have his name plate on it, but if the money is of the government and the government paid functionaries or contractors have carried out the project why should it carry forever name of the politician who merely signed the sanction document.

If inaugural ceremonies and plaques are so necessary, at least the plaque should only mention the designation of the person and not his name e.g. inaugurated by the President of Pakistan, or the Member Provincial Assembly or the District Nazim etc (without the name of the person).

It is high time we become rational and judicious with our ways and shun all nonsensical practices. .. CN report, 22 Jan 2018

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