Attitude comparison of Non Muslims and Muslims

Dear Sir,
In the wake of American President Donald Trump’s ban on entry of Muslims from seven Islamic countries into the US, non muslim Americans have risen in support of Muslims. They have observed Niqab day, are guarding mosques and allowing muslims to offer prayers in the airports. Americans including celebrities have announced that if Trump presses further, they would register themselves as Muslims to show solidarity with their Muslim country men and women.
Do we in Muslim countries including Pakistan display similar feelings for our?non muslim country fellows???Over here we frequently?come across instances of lynching and torching?non muslim minors and deranged persons?on charges of blasphemy. We consider minorities inferior to ourselves and consider them as sure travelers to hell in the here after. We are ever ready to rascalise our minorities at the slightest excuse.?In comparison just?look at the attitude of non muslims towards?muslims.
Isn’t what is happening in the world today an eye opener for Muslims to change their way of thinking.
“Aap hi apni adaaon pe zara ghor karain
Hum ager arz karain ge to shikayat ho gi”.
— Faridul Haq, Chitral 02 Feb 2017

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  1. The couplet in the last line should be amended to read;-
    ?Aap hi apni adaaon pe zara ghor karain
    Trump nay jo arz kia hai to shikayat kaisi?

  2. I personally agree with the narrative of the writer Mr. Faridul Haq. We, the Muslims are unfortunately do not maintain justice with ourselves, our religion, our society and our nation. In my opinion, the honorable Ulamaa, Khateeb, Islamic Scolars and Preachers are responsible because they almost do not present the Islamic teachings in its original spirit. Depiction of real picture is necessary to understand the difference between Islam and other religions. A very small fiction of real Ulamaa describe the reality in their cermons.
    On one friday last month, I happened to pray Jumma prayers at Masjid-e-Shuhada, the Mall, Lahore. The Khateeb, Qari Muhammad Younus Anwar in his cermon, was describing about the early years of Makki life of our holy Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). The brutality of the non-Muslims of Makka against the Holy Prophet was in its peak. One day, they arranged gathering of the young boys and instigated them against the Holy Prophet. The boys outraged and started running after the Holy Prophet stoning at Him. The Holy Prophet mounted up to the Taef Hills. Our Holy Prophet, yes our Holy Prophet was badly injured and bleeding on legs. He was thirsty and hungry for four days. He was so tired that He sat down with the support of a tree. There was a house of Christian family on the Taif Hills. The owner of the house, a Christian member appeared from the house and saw the Holy Prophet in such a condition. The Christian realized disillusion over the situation and gave a bunch of grapes to his son and advised him to present it to the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet pleased with the hospitality of the Christian and got refreshment / entertainment of fresh grapes and prayed for the Christian. I was personally much impressed from that event.
    Now, I request my Muslim community to come out of the racism and live together with all minorities because we are all Pakistanis and deserve equal rights without any discrimination.

  3. I wish to thank the honorable Mr Haq for bringing to light this important and serious issue.
    As an American heavily involved in multifaith work I would like to advise that in the States there does seem to be much different attitude of majority of Muslims, regardless the country of origin.
    Altho as always there are some still hanging on to animosity and promoting violence as response to any non-Muslim, regardless of treatment received. But it is good to see others posting here in support and I would kindly ask these to consider joining some type of formal peace group, or to start such multifaith efforts in your area. One such group I belong to is People to People International and there happen to be two chapters already in Pakistan – check them out thru the website The idea is to get to know another person directly and to get out of our comfort zones. My love for Pakistan came from unexpected interaction with Pakistani Muslims years ago and my life has been enriched, even though I will never disavow my Christian beliefs.
    Standing and working together is only way we can make the world a better more peaceful place.
    Thanks for allowing my post and d condolences upon hearing yet another sad situation in Chitral area due to avalanches. May The Lord comfort and uphold families and villages thru this trial.
    Khuda Hafiz

  4. The Israeli parliament is considering to ban on using loudspeakers in Mosques except that of Baitul Maqdas for Azaan purpose. This, if passed by the Israeli Parliament would cause high profile outrage among the Muslims. This action on the part of Jewish extremists is a sign of hatred and discrimination against Muslims.

    I remember that in the past too, the Israeli government tried to ban on using loudspeaker in the mosque of Baitul Maqdas for Azan purpose.. But the Christian community living around the Baitul Maqdas came forward and offered the Muslims to use the loudspeakers at their Churches for Azaan purpose. This reflects the broadmindedness ofthe Christians. Therefore, The Christian community is very close to Muslims having a minor difference of faith

    1. Among all those millions upon millions of souls who claim to belong to a religion a very very small number of souls are able to prove their belonging to the religion of their claim by their deeds.
      Likewise, true Jews are not many in number, very much in common with people of other religions. The true Jews prove it by refraining from making any false claim. They do so as they abide by the holy Commandments Prophet Moosah (peace on him) received from the Almighty.
      Consequently the true Jews lay no claim on Palestine nor go to live there. So who are those wild and weird Europeans invading and settling on the lands known as Palestine. The history of that land tells us that wild and weird Europeans came to that land twice before. Both times to be thrown out of this land.
      What do these European invaders and settlers prove by their deeds today? They are none other the very likes of wild and weird Europeans i.e. Godless Romans who invaded and settled on this land previously. So how can these defamers of Judaism and Jews as they prove by their deeds, be Jews? More so, when they are disowned by the true Jews.
      So we should always bear in mind that laying a claim to be Jews, Christians, Muslims etc. simply does not make anyone what one claims to be.
      Just looking around, how many Muslims will one find among the crowd of worshippers pouring out of a mosque after Friday prayers? Not many. True. If there were Muslims any where in large number will there not be peace and tranquility? Why? Muslims must uphold Udl wul Ehsaan or are not Muslims. The behaviour of a Muslim is always very pleasant and invitng to others to become like him/her.
      So we can conclude that majority of humankind lives in delusion. True?

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