At the Lowari tunnel, it is ‘Aik nahi, dow Pakistan’ (??? ???? ?? ???????)

Chitral: Despite no work going on inside the tunnel which is virtually in a complete form from inside and both the lanes are wide open and clear, passengers are being held up at both ends on the pretext of one way traffic. However when a vehicle carrying persons who can impose themselves upon the policemen on duty, approach the tunnel with the same impunity as Raymond Davis treated Pakistan. Such people with their vehicles are hastily let in to use the tunnel both ways. This a perfect example of molestation of law in Pakistan.

A policeman on duty at the Chitral end of the tunnel told this scribe on condition of anonymity that they are helpless because they have been instructed to not stop officials even travelling in private vehicles, but women and children in public transport and even small taxi cars are made to wait for upto an hour or more on the pretext of traffic coming from opposite side.

The policeman also lamented that it was the weakness of the public representatives who cannot protect the right of the common man and they (the policemen on duty) have to bear the abuses and curse from the helpless common passengers who look on in anguish when big cars swirl past them into the tunnel breaking the line which they have been waiting in for an hour.

This clearly is a rape of the slogan of ‘NOT TWO But ONE PAKISTAN’? (?? ???? ??? ??????? ) raised by our prime minister to garner the support of the common people. .. CN report, 14 Jul 2019

One thought on “At the Lowari tunnel, it is ‘Aik nahi, dow Pakistan’ (??? ???? ?? ???????)

  1. Government of Pakistan is imposing class system of the colonial era. Women, children and elderly are forced to wait for hours whereas a physically abled sifarishi VIP can go through without any hurdle. Pti has miserably failed to fulfill its promise here.

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