Armed workers of Baloristan movement stopped from entering Shandur

CHITRAL: Armed workers of the Baloristan movement, a militant organisation of Gilgit Baltistan, allegedly supported by external forces, first challenged the residents of Laspur Upper Chitral for a ‘duel’ and then marched towards Shandur Top. However on getting reports, the post commander of Frontier Corps intercepted them and after holding some talks turned them back.

.It may be mentioned that in the past few years some elements on the Gilgit side displaying a militant attitude have started claiming Shandur top to be their property, whilst historically the world famous plateau known to home the world’s highest polo ground has been a part of and controlled by the Chitral administration.

First it was ‘Polotics’ at Shandur (only polo was played),  then it became ‘politics’ (politicians started using the polo crowds to make their political addresses) and now it is poised to become not any other ‘tics’ but ‘sticks and batons’, if controversy over the land is allowed to be fomented. .. CN report, 22 Jul 2021

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