Are liars going to rule Pakistan?

Chitral:? After the declaration of assets by candidates for the National and Provincial Assemblies been made public, there is no doubt left that we are a nation of liars. Hefty political personalities whose single political meetings cost millions of rupees have showed their total assets miserable, fit enough to be pitied.

Politicians who travel in vehicles worth several million have shown themselves to be totally worth a few million rupees only. Bungalows in Islamabad worth a hundred million in open market have been declared as worth a few lacs. On the other extreme an unassuming candidate from Muzaffargarh has declared himself to be worth over 400 billion rupees. Exaggeration both ways, telling lies in both cases.

Now that elections are at the doorstep and we have to elect our new representatives to rule Pakistan from amongst these very people who are candidates and who have lied about their assets. What better can we expect from them when they are in power and authority. It will be a case of ‘A nation of liars ruled by liars’ over and over again. .. CN report, 25 Jun 2018

4 thoughts on “Are liars going to rule Pakistan?

  1. Our would be Ministers, MNAs and MPAs have made a joke of assets declaration. The Election commission should withhold elections and verify these declarations seriously. Otherwise the very basis of the coming Assemblies and governments would be built on lies. How can Pakistan improve with such untruthful people being assigned the reigns of parliament and government.

  2. Pakistan was built by the fuedals, for the fuedals ,is the fuedals and will be for the fuedals. Election commission personals are appointed by the fuedals NAB officers are appointed by the fuedals, these people are thinking and it’s real not joke all Pakistanis are slaves till four hundred years.And it stays in our blood. Who will investigate? Slaves only think and discuss with his or her fellow slaves and slaves have no decision power.Even their voters don’t bother to ask them how they built these castles. All institutions run after weak and honest if he or she makes mistakes. Poor people always see towards sky.

  3. It is a shame that the Election commission and Supreme court are quiet about false declaration of assets by candidates. This means they are also of the same ilk. Either the requirement of declaration of assets be taken off, or if it is there it should be implemented in letter and spirit and all wrong filers should be disqualified from elections. This is the most important part of election process and it should be given sufficient time and taken seriously. Everything has become a joke in Pakistan. What else is a banana state?

  4. We chitralis are surpassing the usual limits in support of these habitual liars who are bent upon ruling the poor and gullible masses of this country with one slogan or the other. The most unfortunate aspect of this saga is that the people of Pakistan still buy these hollow slogans. The time has come that the nation should stand against elections and in favor of Meritocracy and presidential system of governance to get rid of corrupts whom we have tested time and again.

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