Appeal to Protect State Land from Encroachment

In the year 2009 a dispute regarding grazing land (Lasht Dap) with the area of several hundred kanals, raised in village lavi Tehsil Drosh and litigation formally started in the court of law under civil suit No.25/1 2009.??After due process of law, recording statement of witnesses and on the lights of other documents on 29/10/2010 Judicial Magistrate/Civil Judge Drosh declared the disputed land as state property under 21/07/1975 notification and the same judgment is still intact. Estimated area of the state property is several hundred of Kanals and also consist play ground for Children as well as it is also grazing land for local community.

Recently Work On lavi Hydel Power Project has been started and this state property provided more than hundred kanal of free lands to provincial government, because roads and outlet dams as well as shelters for the??will be constructed in this area. Hence billion of provincial government rupees have been saved due to this free land, available to be used for different purposes like construction of roads, dams and many other purposes for lavi Hydel Power Project.

At the same time it came into the notice of villagers that Land Acquisition Department Chitral in collaboration with settlement department clandestinely allocated compensation in the name of some individuals against this landed state property and payments are at final stage. If the matter is true it is gross violation of 29/10/2010 Judgment of Civil Judge Drosh in which the said land has been declared as state property. If compensation is given to certain individual on account of this state property it will provide an opportunity to the individual to encroach the land and state of Pakistan will be denied precious land of more than several hundred kanlas as well as 300 households of Lavi will be denied from their common pasture and??grazing area. If any compensation is paid to any individual against this common/state property it will also result serious state of uncertainty in the village and perpetual law and order situation will arise in the area.??People of the village also reserve the right to appeal Chairman National Accountability Bureau/Chief Justice of Pakistan/Chief Justice Peshawar High Court and other relevant forums to take action against the officials of settlement department and Land acquisition department if any payment is made to any individual against the said state and common property. Because it is tantamount to disloyalty on the part of government servants taking all benefits from public exchequer and compromise on the interest of the state and provide benefit to any third party at the cost of government.

In this connection Deputy Commissioner Chitral and Land Acquisition Department Chitral are appealed to immediately stop compensation of any payment against this state property to any individual and to protect this property from encroachments. Deputy Commissioner Chitral is also requested to conduct comprehensive enquiry into the matter through honest and professional officials so that the issue can be resolved on the basis of 29/10/2010 court order. Chief Minister KP, Chief Secretary KP and Commissioner Malakand Division are requested to take immediate action for protection of state properties from land mafia. Officials of Settlement Department are real custodians of state properties and they must play their role to protect state properties from encroachments instead of facilitating land mafia. .. Nasir Mehmood, Drosh, 28 Jun 2019

2 thoughts on “Appeal to Protect State Land from Encroachment

  1. Extremely pathetic situation. If government servants compromises on the interest of state, they will never remain Sadiq and Amin and how state properties and state secrets are kept under their supervision, therefore all the officials involved in this wheeling and dealing must be sacked after making inquiry into the matter. People of high integrity and high credential should be posted in these departments so that they can give preference to state interest instead of their personal commissions and kick backs.

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