Appeal to check environmental disaster in Chitral

2 thoughts on “Appeal to check environmental disaster in Chitral

  1. Rehmat Ali sb you have taken notice of very serious issue and our spectators should play major role to resolve this menace. If they follow the basic rule to put their waste into the waste bin the problem will be resolved. Govt and other organizations should provide sufficient number of waste bin so that people could have easy access to waste bin and dispose off their plastic bottles and other materials. Secondly you and other environmental activists should also give awareness to the people through play cards and direct messages how to keep Shandur and Qaqlasht clean by following simple rule of disposing wastes in proper way. However you this effort is highly appreciated and keep it up.

  2. Thank you dear sir..the editor
    Rahmat Ali jafar dost gathers all his resources to keep our natural environment clean…He himself so many times has cleaned Shandoor ,qaqlasht and Booni and Chitral Bazar…one he has started a country wide compaign for cleanliness across Pakistan..He has completed many cleanliness campaign in schools across Chitral..I request the nature lovers in our country to help support Jafar Dost in his noble cause..

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