Appeal to the Chairman National Highway Authority

National Highway Authority (NHA) is primarily responsible for maintenance of Chitral to Peshawar road (NA-45) which comes under its jurisdiction.? But performance of NHA in this regard is extremely pathetic which results serious problems for commuters and general traffic. If one travels from Chitral to Peshawar NA-45 road is found in dilapidated condition and travelers face ditches at every second.

This time patching of road and construction of culverts are in progress in different points of the road. But quality of work is extremely poor and the repaired points will not survive of the traffic even for one week. Last year the same exercise was done but immediately after the patching again wear and tear appeared on the road within one week of the work which itself reflects quality of the work done last year. Had the work done last year on quality basis, duplication of expenses would have been avoided and meagre resources of the country would be saved. This year the same futile exercise is in process and relevant contractor is again making people fool by his rough quality of work and wasting resources of our country unashamedly.

Chairman NHA and other relevant authorities are requested kindly take notice of the issue and stop payment to the contractor until and unless he will improve his quality of work. Especially construction of culverts are extremely poor and construction materials used in the process does not meet the required ratio and within no time of the construction wear and tear/crakes appeared on the culvert and causeways. If we misuse our meagre resources and continue with vicious circle of faulty construction, we would not have resources left for developmental purpose. This trend of wasting resources in the name of patching must be stopped for good for the sack of our mother land. Please have mercy on the poverty ridden people of Pakistan who are contributing these works through their hard earned tax money.? It is also lamenting situation for district administration, political leaders, MNA, MPA and other stakeholders and especially civil society that they are dead silent and totally indifferent towards these issues and do not take notice of faulty public works. .. Professor Muhammad Dost, Chitral 07 Sep 2017

4 thoughts on “Appeal to the Chairman National Highway Authority

  1. You are so right professor sahib. Thank you for highlighting this important issue that faces travellers using this road.

  2. The Chairman, NHA is requested to take notice of the sub standard work and material used in construction of road (NA-45) Chitral to Peshawar carried out under the supervision of NHA. The complaints of poor performance, sub standard material poor quality of the project is very common and reflects the sign of corruption . The Chairman, NHA further requested to accelerate the speed of work to ensure completion of the project within the stipulated / target period. Sultan Wali Khan, General Secretary, Chitral Welfare Society, Lahore.

  3. It would be better if NHA hires any Chines or Korean company for repairing and maintenance of high ways on contractual basis. It has been found that roads, bridges constructed by any foreign company is much better than the roads, bridges constructed by the local contractors. Chitral Booni road, bridge new Chitral HQ is one of the examples.

  4. Sir, no need to induct foreign companies. We have some local construction companies which maintain heavy machinery and equipment’s as well as skilled workers having technical excellence and experience in road construction and building works. The Frontier Works Organization (F.W.O.) is the top most of them. The company is run under the supervision of Pak Army and there is no any loop holes in the procedure for corruption in the entire process of work from tendering to completion of project. You will appreciate that Punjab Government has utilized the services of FWO and got completed many mega projects through F>W.O and I have personalty witnessed the quality of work and standard specification particularly in respect of roads construction work in Lahore which remain in the same condition for the last 15-20 years. The procedure of NHA is however different. They do not Even bother to call for the pre-qualification of contractors to fullfil the requirements and satisfy and ensure the quality and standard specification because the corruption mophia pops up every where during whole construction of work. The Chairman, NHA is kindly requested to utilize the services of FWO in the national interest to ensure quality of work.

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