Any system implemented honestly would out-perform electoral democracy in Pakistan

CHITRAL: Sad to say so, but electoral democracy has never benefitted Pakistan. Even the dictatorship terms in office, of Ayyub Khan,  Zia and  Musharraf were contaminated with electoral democracy. Not that dictatorship is a good alternative to democracy but when it is imposed in an impure form with adulteration of electoral democracy, it becomes worse.

Why electoral democracy is not a good system of forming government is because it’s very modus operandi is based on lies, cheating, hypocrisy,, nepotism, parochialism, hate and detestation, and above all on sentimentalism instead of realism..

The best form of government that can be formed is one based on the system of Meritocracy, but that being a long shot and would need a couple of more generations to be understood by the people, the next best option would be to set up a government composed of selected technocrats who have no political compulsions. (such a setup should be free from the Army interference). Thus a truly ‘selected government’ along with a very potent and equally powerful accountability system to keep a check on it can help to get the country out of the morass which is getting worse with every successive political dispensation, whether elected or selected.

The most difficult question is “who would do it”? Not the parliament or the politicians of course!. It can be done with the help of a referendum as allowed by the constitution. If Zia and Musharraf could hold referendums to validate their stay in power, why can’t a referendum be held on this potentially game changing issue. .. CN report, 13 Dec 2021

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