Another life lost to motorbike accident

Chitral — Khairul Bashar, young principal of Hira Model School Chumurkon lost his life in a motorbike accident. A few days back another young man had lost his life in a similar accident in Chitral town. Witnesses say the deceased had veered off the road while trying to save a dog that came in his way. The deceased died due to head injuries. If Helmets were made mandatory for motorbikers, the young man could have survived the accident. Hundreds of people mostly young men have met motorbike accidents with many loosing their lives  in the last few years. — CN report, 03 Sep 2016.

2 thoughts on “Another life lost to motorbike accident

  1. No need for Helmets, “ہتوغو عمر ہارونی بیرآیی ” is enough to say, to satisfy ourselves and the dear ones of the deceased.

  2. According to a police official of Police station Koghuzi, there are on the average three motorcycle related accidents daily on the road from Denin to Koghuzi (20 kms) which are reported to police. many minor accidents go un recorded

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