Annual Kalash Chilimjusht festival falls victim to COVID-19

CHITRAL: The ancient Kalash spring festival celebrated with festivity since thousands of years is one of the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year preparations for the festival usually starts begining of May and the festival itself is celebrated in the three Kalash valleys of Bumburet, Rumboor and Bireer from 13 to 15 May in that sequence. This year there is almost lull as far as preparations of the festival is concerned. Kalash men and women seen in the bazar of Chitral prior to the festival are not seen.

The ancient Kalash tribe of Chitral

An official meeting presided by the Assistant Commissioner Lower Chitral Abdul Wali Khan and attended by Qazis of the Kalash tribe was held in Bumburet. The Qazis agreed to conduct the festival in a minimalist way keeping visitors and outsiders away from the celebrations.  The Kalash being a diminishing minority in numbers are very conscious of the safety precautions required to avoid the virus and therefore decided to keep Chilimjusht a lo key affair this year … Muhkamudin, Chitral 11 May 2020

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