An unfortunate threat

The aggressive statement of a public representative in Chitral against the construction of a building for an educational institution is very unfortunate. The said personality who is also a religious leader was opposing the establishment of the Aga Khan University in Chitral.

Criticism or opposition to any action or policy of the government or institutions is a democratic right of every individual, but imposition of one’s views upon others through force is neither desirable nor allowable in any civilised society.

Needless to say that education knows no sect, creed or class. What it propitiously knows is to spread light and eliminate darkness. Our Holy Prophet PBUH was so much for education that he advised us saying “seek knowledge even if you have to go to China for it”. Why then his followers are opposing an educational institution coming up in their own backyard.

If any one has differences with any particular policy of the AKU he may come out, express it and debate it, even compete with it by setting up own educational institutions, but not allowing the institution to be built in the first instance is neither understandable nor acceptable. It is like ‘cutting the head to cure the headache’.

For the sake of humanity, Islam and the poor people of Chitral, we must realise that sectarianism is the enemy within us cleverly planted by the enemies of Islam so that we keep fighting ourselves and they keep laughing at us.

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