An Ignored problem with Pakistan’s economy

CHITRAL: Pakistan’s economy is in shambles-that we all know. Economic gurus and analysts quote different reasons for the downslide of our financial health. Some blame it on corruption, some on oversizing of the government, some on increasing expenditure on defence, some on reduction in exports and some on increase of imports. All the above are true to a great extent. However one factor is generally overlooked by all experts and analysts, and that is the extravagance that has progressively come in the expenditure on government offices and functionaries , whether it be the armed forces, the judiciary or the beaurocracy.

A retired senior armed forces officer talking to CN said when he was in service on a senior rank his office and home were very modest and unpretentious. Now, he said when he visited the office of an officer of the same rank, he was dazed by the splendour and opulence of the office, certainly not a true picture of a debt laden financially drowning country. Similar is the case with offices of the Judiciary and the beaurocracy.

Few decades back a deputy commissioner would have maximum three or four vehicles for operational use. Now such office has many times more at their beck and call including for personal service. From where is all this money coming for lavish overheads of the government? – from loans and debts of course. Who is going to pay these debts doesn’t seem to bother any head of government as they continuously keep increasing the overhead expenditures on governance as if Pakistan is rolling in gold. As a matter of fact we are rolling in debt (aka sh*t) and all those who make policies should for once realise this. .. CN report, 03 Mar, 2022

2 thoughts on “An Ignored problem with Pakistan’s economy

  1. Bismillah hir Rehmaan nir Raheem.
    Who is to blame for bringing trouble upon themselves? The people at large. No one else.
    How? The Almighty(swt) commanded those who claim to obey the Almighty night and noon, to get into the habit of coming together regularly to join hands with the people living in their locality, thus organise their Peoples’ Jumeeyah i.e. Union and Shoorah of their locality. Come together to work to bring the welcome change they want. The Almighty’s command is in words “Wahtsaymoo bay hublillahay Jumeeyah walh taferraqoo.”
    Do those who claim to obey no one but the Almighty prove their promise by obeying the Almighty? If they obeyed the Almighty there must have been hundreds of Peoples’ Union and Shoorah in every country where people claiming to be obedient to the Almighty live. the Absence of peoples, Jumeeyah and Shoorah means people who claim to obey the Almighty are not doing what they claim thus keep the door of their slavery open. By coming out to join hands to organising their Jumeeyah and Shoorah people shall enable themselves to shut the door of slavery they bring upon themselves due to their disobedience to the Almighty (swt). So who is to blame? The people at large, themselves. The Almighty has never changed the pitiful condition of the people for a welcome change. Never. Not until the people obey the Almighty and thus organise their Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah to work to bring the welcome change they want. The change people need to bring in themselves is to start bringing Udl wul Ehsaan in their thoughts, words and practices.
    If the people at large will not respond to the call of the Almighty, they will never be able to overthrow the slavery they bring upon themselves due to their disobedience of the Almighty. Never.

  2. For this fatalism and predestination instilled in people should be removed and they be indoctrinated that Allah helps those who try to change themselves before changing others

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