Amir Muqam orders tunnel opening two days a week

Chitral — Adviser to the Prime Minister Amir Muqam at a literary function in Peshawar announced that the Lowari tunnel will be opened for vehicular traffic two days a week instead of the earlier one day a week schedule. The Jamaat Islami and the District Nazim played a positive role in pressurizing for change of schedule and arranged?a number of All parties meetings for the same. Meanwhile Chitralis have condemned the tunnel authorities for opening of the tunnel for fun going jeep rally, but denying it to hard pressed travelers struggling for survival. — CN report, 08 Jan 2017

4 thoughts on “Amir Muqam orders tunnel opening two days a week

  1. Thank you Amir Muqam and shame on you provincial government for remaining blatantly indifferent to this pressing problem of the people of Chitral.

    1. p.s. NHA is under Centre and our rep from chitral is not PTI . Not sure how are you blaming the provincial govt for it. Our public reps should be held accountable for no being able to highlight the plight of people to centre and provincial govt.

  2. Sitting provincial govt has nothing to do with the problems of Chitral. It remained indifferent throughout the critical situations like floods, earthquake and many more. Its focus is on Nowshehra and Dir etc Chitral is totally alien to provincial govt.

  3. Torture time at Lowari Tunnel begins. On Friday last hundreds of vehicles carrying men, women and children were stopped at Mirkhani from 8 to 11.30 am and again at Dir Upper for about 45 minutes for Snow Jeep Rally at Lowari Pass. From tunnel to Dir again hundreds of vehicles were found waiting since morning near Tunnel & at Qulandai. It was just a mismanagement. Oil tankers carrying fuel for Chitral were seen standing since last 3 days waiting for crossing when oil tankers of one contractor that had contact with Lowari Tunnel Management were reported crossing freely. When contacted DC Chitral office, it was found that as agreed with LTM, 4 oil tankers of Chitral are allowed through tunnel on daily basis.
    Since it is the NHA/Islamabad issue and not the Province, hence decision should have been taken by Centre well in time. This is good that Mr. Amir Muqam announced 2 days opening of tunnel and now we should see how and when it is being implemented. Let us hope for better and no more torture.

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