Alas! Dishonesty and Pakistanis have become synonyms

Dishonesty has become so much ingrained in our society that now we have virtually started liking it . Because nowhere are Pakistanis taught or preached against dishonesty, it has become a norm in the society and only those among us remain honest who do not get a chance to be otherwise.

Senate is the highest August institution of Pakistan. If it’s members who should be examples for us cheat in secret balloting and this is not the first time, they always do that, how can we expect a common Pakistani to be honest. A national emergency movement needs to be launched emphasizing honesty (Sadaqat and Amanat) on every forum and platform, at home, in schools, in mosques and madrassas, in offices, on TV, on social media and everywhere. The example has to be at the top and be made to travel down. .. CN report, 02 Aug 2019

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One thought on “Alas! Dishonesty and Pakistanis have become synonyms

  1. Honesty in Pakistan is not possible, Young generation does what the older generation is doing. So only to pray to Allah for some miracle.

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