Alarming increase in female suicide cases in Chitral

Chitral .. An alarming increase in suicide incidents amongst female population is being witnessed in Chitral. In the last two days three such cases have been reported, the last being a 20 year old married woman who jumped into the river to call it a day, at Denin village of Chitral town. .. CN report, 04 Aug 2017

2 thoughts on “Alarming increase in female suicide cases in Chitral

  1. Restrictions by local clerics on women is one of the main causes. Living in 21st century, the women of Chitral are not allowed to go to the bazaar even.

  2. The situation is really critical and needs to be investigated to probe the reason and causes of frustration leading to extreme action of suicide. No doubt, we are in the 21st century but the traditions, culture and lifestyle of Chitralians is different . We are living in Muslim society as such we cannot afford the anti-islamic activities in our society in terms of social development in 21st century nor we do allow the women for roaming as free lancer. However, the unnecessary restrictions like teen age marriage, like /dislike of young women should be lifted in decent way. The Necessary measures for adopting Islamic teachings and awareness should be taken in every village. The responsibility falls on the Scolars and Islamic preachers particularly.

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