Al Hilal announces to contest 2018 elections

Chitral — Molana Israruddin Al Hilal, a firebrand orator, Khateeb of Bazar Mosque and Tehsil Amir of Jamaat Islami Chitral has announced that he would contest polls as an independent candidate in the 2018 polls. He made this announcement during his Eid sermon at the bazar mosque. Al Hilal said he had a large number of supporters in the Ismaili community as well as from amongst PPP and PTI parties. He made people raise their hands if they promised to support him and all present in the mosque raised their hands. some after the prayers asked him to keep his promise of contesting and not back out later on. Raising of hands in the mosque pledging something and then backing out when the time comes has been a common practice. The announcement has caused a stir in Jamaat Islami ranks, as Molana Al Hilal has been an anchor for them and is sitting Tehsil president at the moment. — Islamuddin, 13 Sep 2016

2 thoughts on “Al Hilal announces to contest 2018 elections

  1. This seems to be the brain work of those who want to weaken the religious parties by creating intra party rift in them, but the religious party people are more political than religious. In all likelihood he will announce to take back his decision at the time of elections.

  2. To keep the record straight, it is stated that Molana Israrud Din Al Hilal is not the sitting tehsil amir of Jamaat-e-Islami now, while the incumbent is Mr. Atiqur Rahman of Chumukone.

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